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The Fermi Paradox asks the question ‘where is everyone’ referring to alien civilizations. Why haven’t we picked up their radio messages? Are they too far away? Did they go extinct due to industrialisation or war? If so, can we beat the odds?

Will humans one day take all the money they spend on war and death and spend it on life?
What is the ultimate solution to Climate Change?
What happens when fossil fuels can no longer meet the demand?
What if using fossil fuels are no longer acceptable?
Can we cure air pollution?
Will we be able to solve the problem of growing energy demand?

Valery Danko tells the story of Space Solar Power from its origin in the 1960s Space Race to the future. Don’t miss the most fascinating and poignant documentary film.


Film Makers

Perimetr Films in collaboration with The Future of Energy College are proud to present ‘Valery Danko Discovers: Energy from Space’

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Energy from Space Ltd is a LLC designed to help raise interest and extra funding for our documentary project.

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Although we funded it is nice to have fans, supporters and volunteers. The more money we have the better the distribution. We have formed a Limited Liability Company called Energy from Space Ltd (registered in the UK). Any funds received will go to this company to help distribute our film.



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