Paul Jaffe

Electrical Engineer, US Naval Laboratories, Washington D C, USA

Paul is an expert on Space Solar Power, a subject that he also teaches. His speciality is building and testing space modules. In 2016 he won the first Department of Defence Innovation Challenge award.

Michael Loweth

Business Development Manager, Oxford Space Systems, Didcot, UK

Michael is a Space Systems Engineer by training. He has worked for the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, the British Ministry of Defence and ABSL. He now works for Oxford Space Systems. This means he is in contact with the UK Space Agency.

Melissa Thorpe

Head of Communications, Spaceport Cornwall, Newquay, UK

Melissa is a specialist in understanding how Spaceports can help with local economies. She will give us an overview of how spaceports could contribute to the growth of Space Solar Power.

Professor Naoki Shinohara

Professor Shinohara is the leading expert from Japan in Space based Solar Power and an advocate of the Wireless Power Transfer civilization of the future. The professor demonstrates how it is possible to safely transmit energy from space based solar power. His inclusion in our documentary is a huge asset, and you will be fascinated to find out what he has to say!

Dr Robert Hoyt, CEO of Tethers Unlimited, Seattle.

Physicist and engineer, known for developing SpiderFab architecture for in-space additive manufacture of spacecraft. The use of this kind of technology could in future allow space solar power to be built in space using 3D printers.

Richard Heinberg, Post-carbon Institute

The author of 13 books and Senior Fellow at the Post Carbon Institute in San Francisco, Richard is a leading expert in energy, resources and the environment. We will interview him to find out about the ‘perfect storm’ that planet Earth might soon face within this century as we begin to need to switch from fossil fuels to cleaner alternatives.

John C Mankins, ex-NASA Manager of Experimental Technology

The leading and most experienced expert on Space Solar Power. John C Mankins worked for 25 years for NASA and Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He has written a book about Space solar power and regularly chairs conferences on the subject. For 10 years he was NASA’s Manager of Advanced Concepts and Technology. He also managed to transmit energy waves between two Hawaiian Islands. He is also the author of the book: The Case for Space Solar Power.